Tina Kalivas Costume Designer

Tina Kalivas is a Costume Designer that comes from a fashion background.

In her early years she worked for Alexander McQueen constructing many of his iconic show pieces and then went onto run her own fashion label for many years selling her creations to high-end boutiques around the world.

Her first taste of the film industry was when the costume designer on Die Another Day asked that she create eight couture ball gowns for the movie. This quickly gained commissions to design statement pieces for a variety of talents including Amy Winehouse, Dita Von Tease, and Rihanna all of which are highly recognisable to this day.

A skilled and technical designer who has been creating, sewing & drawing 'clothes' since childhood, Tina loves to tailor and work with couture techniques.

Tina most recently created the costumes including the aliens for the soon to be released CBS Television Series, ‘The Man who Fell to Earth’.

She was nominated for an Asian Film Award for the Japanese Fanatsy Epic Feature ‘Goemon’ in 2010 and in 2021 for a British Independent Film Award for Best Costume Design for ‘St Maud’.

Her latest release is ‘Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre’, directed by Guy Ritchie featuring Hugh Grant, Jason Statham and Aubrey Plaza, where she really had the opportunity to stage elegant, high-end tailoring